Character Comparison

My two characters are Isobel and Samuel. Isobel is a character from the book Chains. Isobel and here sister are slaves. Isobel is fighting for their freedom. She can only trust herself. Isobel faces so many challenging things, and some how gets them done. Samuel is a character from the book Blood On The River. Samuel is going to Virginia with the settlers. He has not treated anybody nicely. He begins to make friends, and then everybody is challenged with winter. Everybody struggles with the cold and having no food.

Samuel and Isobel are very much alike. They both are very independent, taking care of them selves and others. They are strong leaders and know how to get the job done. They are incredibly skillful taking care of others.

Isobel is industrious; she will keep going when she has a task even if it is really hard. She is really patient waiting for the right time to get out. Isobel is thoughtful and thinks before she does something. I think that she is very mature because she has to take care of her sister on here own. Isobel is clever because she thinks a certain way that will help her situation.

Samuel is proud of what he does and all that he has helped with. He is bold and knows what to do and when to do it. He likes to help and is very helpful. He is fearless when he is with captian John Smith is around.

I really enjoyed reading these two books, and learning about the characters Isobel and Samuel. They are very alike and also different.