Grandpas Questions


What are the big ideas?

Why is grandpa still fighting to keep his house?
It seems like he has done all that he can do. He just won’t stop. He wants his house. Grandpa has this whole other image in his head. He wants there to be no park. He does not want the city folk coming in to see the mountains. Grandpa does not want all the traffic too. Grandpa’s idea is there is to be no park, and nothing else.


How does it connect to what we already know?

I have never moved before, but it seems hard. It is very different from being kicked out of your own, home for a park. I would be like grandpa; I would fight for my house all I can. I wouldn’t stop until I have to. What these people did and made them watch their house burn is horrifying. Even the CCC boys didn’t like doing their job they needed money. I just can not imagine doing that to somebody.

What do we find challenging?

It seemed really challenging when Carrie had to deal with it, when it kind of wasn’t her problem. She was hearing things that she did not need to know. It was challenging for grandma having to hear what grandpa had to say, and how Carrie felt about the situation. Grandpa had even more to deal with himself. He has been asking people to keep their house with his own idea.
He did not know what they felt.

How have our actions and attitudes changed as a result?

My actions have changed by thinking the government was helpful, not anymore.